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10% of the sale value will be donated to Sightsavers International, when purchased via ebay.
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Rock, Music & MP3 Downloads Domain Name For Sale - Rock Url .com -

Rock Url .com is a premium, top level domain name at auction, ideally suited for the music, recording and radio industry. Ideal for start ups and logo design. Original, unique and catchy, it is highly memorable and pronounceable and exceptionally brand specific. 10% of the sale value will be donated to Sightsavers International, if the domain is purchased via ebay.
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Premium Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Rock Url .com:

10% of the sale value of the original & unique, top level domain name Rock Url will be donated to Sightsavers International, if the premium domain is purchased via ebay.

Sightsavers International, originally called the British Empire Society for the Blind, is an international organisation founded in 1950 by Sir John Wilson, with the vision to help individuals in poor countries have their vision restored and prevented from loosing in the first instance. It has its headquarters in Haywards Heath UK, with partners and branches in India, Italy, Sweden, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, and America.

It works to eliminate avoidable blindness in developing countries. Its achievements are quite astounding, it has protected more than 295 million people against river blindness, which causes vision loss and blindness in approximately 15% of these infected; caused by infection by the parasitic worm, Onchocerca volvulus which lives in rivers, restored the sight of 6.1 million people with cataract operations and treated with antibiotics over 43 million people against the potentially blinding infection trachoma. It also introduced an education programme in developing countries for blind people.
In their own words "Sightsavers is an international organisation working with partners in developing countries to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote equality of opportunity for disabled people".


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