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Dog Url .com
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10% of the sale value will be donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind, when purchased via ebay.
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Dog & Pet Domain Name - Dog Url .com - For Sale / At Auction:

Dogs are big business: It is estimated there are 525 million dogs owners in the world. And what dog owner does not love their dog. In the UK alone just on food and insurance it is estimated over £700 a year is spent on just one dog, with many people having more than one dog, then there are the treats, visits to the dog salon and kennel fees when you are on holiday. In America it is estimated that 69 billion dollars a year is spent on pets, with dogs taking a very large chunk. This Top Level Dog Domain Name can be used for On Line Dog Supplies, Products, Services and Accessories.

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Premium Dog & Pet Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Dog Url .com

10% of the sale value of the distinctive, unique & original domain name Dog Url will be donated to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, if the brand specific domain name is purchased via ebay:

The first Guide Dogs for the Blind were trained by German shepherd breeders, Muriel Crooke and Rosamund Bond in 1931 following which in 1934 The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association was founded. It is a world leader in the developing and breeding of Guide Dogs for the blind and partially sighted.

They also provide mobility and rehabilitation services and campaign for the rights of the visually impaired as well as investing in eye disease research and campaign to bring attention to business establishments who breach the Equality Act 2010, that do not allow Guide Dog entry to commercial establishments that deal with food.

The training of a guide dog costs 50,000 pounds, the dogs are born in the home of a brood female dog holder and moved to the home of a volunteer puppy walker when they are 6 weeks old, they are then moved, when 12 to 14 months old to a specialist trainer and trained for around 26 weeks, which also includes work with their new owner, who may have 8 dogs during their lifetime, the dogs is retired from service after six to seven years, after which it is re-homed.


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