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DNA, Genealogy, Heritage, Family Trees & Ethnic Origins Domains: Whos DNA & DNA Ancestral:

DNA Test Kits Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Whos DNA .com

Domain Name For Sale: Whos DNA .com
Buy Now Price: £10,000,000
10% of the sale value will be donated to Small Steps Project, if purchased at ebay.
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DNA Test Kits Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: DNA Ancestral .com

Domain Name For Sale: DNA Ancestral .com
Buy Now Price: £10,000,000
10% of the domains sale value will be donated to Small Steps Project, when purchased via ebay.
Make a bid or enquire about leasing DNA Ancestral .com:

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Premium DNA, Genealogy & Ancestry, Domain Names For Sale / At Auction -
DNA Ancestral .com and Whos DNA .com

DNA Ancestral & Whos DNA are two extraordinarily Brand Specific, Ultra Premium Domain Names for the DNA, Genealogy & Ancestry Industry. With the ever increasing consumer knowledge about the DNA Helix, being a way to analyse their ethnic and geographical origins for a small fee of only £60, with a DNA test kit, the market place for the Domain Names DNA Ancestral & Whos DNA is rapidly expanding, making these an ideal Premium Domain Name investment. 10% of the sale value will be donated to Small Steps Project.

Our fascination with our Ancestry and DNA testing:

There have been many domain name categories that have engulfed the internet with competitiveness, but none I feel more than the DNA Testing, Genealogy & Ancestry Domain market place. Simply google. DNA Testing, Genealogy & Ancestry Domains For Sale. Note the criteria within the search, Domain Names For Sale, and note you get bored going through the listings, until you finally get to a Domain Name For Sale. It is such a competitive market place. Why. Because we are fascinated about our ancestry, to place a bit of saliva in a test tube, pay $60 and find out you are descendant from Eskimos in the Alaskan Northwest, and you and your parents and grandparents are from China. We jump in cars, fly on planes, the earth is getting smaller and smaller due to transportation, and we think wow, my ancestors, traveled thousands of miles in a canoe, I have issues getting to the buss stop. If one could have a time machine, in a way you do have one, a bit of spit in a test tube and you can travel in time, your time line for $60.

Premium DNA, Genealogy & Ancestry Domain Names For Sale -
At Auction - DNA Ancestral .com and Whos DNA .com

10% of the sale value of the premium DNA, Genealogy & Ancestry domain names DNA Ancestral .com & Whos DNA .com will be donated to Small Steps Project, if the brand specific domain nams are purchased via ebay:

Who is not eager to find out their genealogy and throw scientific analysis regarding their genetic ethnicity, ancestry & geographic origins. Ancestral analysis with DNA gene mapping to discover your ethnic mix has expanded considerably in recent years allowing you to get an in depth analysis of your genetic origins for very little outlay, with a multitude of websites offering the service: One of the leading companies in the industry claims to have over 10 million DNA records in their data base.

DNA Ancestral .com & Whos DNA .com are two astounding premium domain names to use with the ever expanding DNA, Genealogy & Ancestry industry procuring them an ideal investment opportinity or for domainers at domain auctions. The ultra premium domains can only increase in value and have extremely realistic price tags.

Small Steps Project is a humanitarian charity which delivers shoes and emergency aid to children and families who live on landfill sites around the world, have been elected as benefactors for the sale of the domain names with 10% of the sale value being given to the charity. When one thinks of a charity giving shoes to needy individuals is not something that springs to mind, but just look at the picture of the happy smiling little girl, so delighted to have received a pair of shoes.


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