5 Letter Brand Domain Name For Sale - Beeod .com

Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Beeod .com

Beeod .com
Buy Now Price: £20,000
10% of the sales value will be donated to Trees for Life, when purchased via ebay.
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 Beeod .com is for sale. 10% of the sales value will be donated to Trees for Life, when purchased via ebay.

Premium 5 Letter Domain Name For Sale / At Auction Beeod .com

Names Url introduces Beeod .com - an original and catchy 5 letter, Premium Domain Name. Available to Buy Now or Make a Bid For. The Domain is perfect for Start ups and Logo Design. 10% of the sales value of the Domain will be donated to Trees for Life, if the Domain is purchased via ebay.

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 10% of the value of Beeod .com will be donated to Trees for Life, if the domain is purchased via ebay

Brand Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Beeod.com:

10% of the sale value of the unique, original & brandable domain name Beeod.com, will be donated to Trees for Life, if the brand domain name is purchased via ebay.

Trees for Life, an award winning registered charity was formed in 1989, its aim to maintain and restore the magnificent Caledonian Forest and its unique and diverse wildlife; like the Eurasian Wolf and Lynx, Wild Boar, European Beaver, Black Grouse, Ring Ouzel, Mountain Hare and Golden Eagle. As well as Invertebrates, Insects, Fungi, Lichens, Fish, Reptiles and Fauna; in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately the forest which once covered an extensive expanse of the Scottish Highlands with Scots Pine, Birch, Rowan Juniper and Aspen has been reduced to only 2% of its original size. Since it started in 1989 they have planted over 1.5 million trees, most areas of which have fenced enclosures, to prevent deforestation by the overgrazing of deer and sheep.

Most of the work has been done by volunteers and they work in partnership with The National Trust for Scotland the Scottish Forestry Commission and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Most of their operations center in Glen Cannich, Glen Affric, Glen Moriston, Achnashellach and Corrimony.

Their volunteer work; generally carried out by teams consisting of ten volunteers and two team leaders; usually Trees for Life staff, is spaced over a week and aptly named Conservation Weeks. The volunteers learn, tree planting, removal of non native species, seed collection, fencing and work in the tree nursery.

They own a 10,000 hectare estate called the Dundreggan Estate in Glen Moriston, near Lock Nesswhich they purchased in 2008 for 1.65 million pounds. The estate was one of the largest areas of land in the UK to be bought for forest restoration and took over two years to negotiate. Unfortunately it had been formerly used as a sporting estate, that along with over grazing had significantly reduced to a treeless waste with little natural wildlife. Trees for Life have a long term plan for the estate and plan to plant over half a million trees and introduce wildlife such as Red Squirrel, Capercaillie, Golden Eagle, European Beaver and Wild Bore to the area.


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