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Domain Auctions: Brandable, Generic Top-Level, 5 letter dot com's: For Sale:

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$  8,688.49
My first collection of domain's are five letter dot com's. Pronounceable, exceptionally memorable and ideally suited for both: International and Localised Branding of Services and Products.

Perfect for Start Ups and Logo Design.

An Ideal Investment Opportunity:

In time the value of pronounceable and memorable 5 letter dot com domain's can only appreciate in value, representing an ideal liquid Investment Opportunity.

Appraised Valuations from

Note: Appraisal Values are from December 2016. An up to date appraisal will clearly indicate how much the domain's have increased in value.

Transactions through

If you would prefer; especially with brokerage, you can use to purchase the Domain's. Please use my page, to initiate negotiations.

Brooking and Consultancy enquiries:

Please Note: The domain's listed are not generated by a computer algorithm or bought at domain auctions, they are my own original creations. Please feel free to concerning brokerage enquiries or if you would like to employ me on a consultancy basis, creating domain names for yourself or a client.

Domain Auctions: Pronounceable, Memorable 6 and 7 letter dot com's: For Sale:

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$  90.40
$  91.41
My 2nd collection of Brand names can be utilized for a variety of uses and are ideal for both International and Localized Branding, Start Ups and Logo Design.

Although their appraisal value is considerably lower than 5 letter names, the Brandability of the domain's is exceptional and they are priced accordingly.

Buy a premium domain for your online business:

The domain's are perfect for a small business looking to purchase a premium domain to expand their online presence.

How much is a Domain Name worth.

A computer logarithm, can not valuate or create a truly catchy, almost child like, memorable domain name. It requires a unique, human trait: Creativity; Due to this. A domain is truly worth what someone is willing to pay.

Domain Auction Brokers and Consultancy Enquiries.

The domain's listed on the web site are my own original creations and were not bought at domain auctions or generated by a computer algorithm. Please concerning brokerage issues, or if you would like to employ me on a consultancy basis creating domain names for a client or yourself.

Brandword and Keyword Specific: Top Level, Generic, Domain's For Sale:

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The brands and keywords the following: Original - Top level - Generic; domain's are specific for are highly sought after within the TV and e commerce industry, consequentially, they are priced accordingly. My feelings being; they are a classic example of a domain is worth what someone is willing to pay.

The industries they represent are highly competitive, and obviously businesses within the industries will purchase the domain's, simply to prevent competitors obtaining them. Providing an exceptionally safe long or short term liquid investment.

Internet Keywords:

The following keywords are applicable to the domain's.

Rock: Music, CD's, Books, Downloads, TV, Radio and Internet Broadcasting.
House: Homes, Real Estate, Estate Agents, Letting's.
Motor: Motor Car, Cars, Motors. Auto Industry,
Gambling: Betting, Casino, Bingo,
Banking: Banks, Loans,
Accountant: Accountancy,
Dog: Pets and Dogs.

Dating, Social Media, Food and Clothing: Top Level, Generic, Domain's For Sale:

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My final list of English domain's at auction can be used for 2 of the most popular industries on the internet, dating and social media and this is reflected in the auction prices of the domain's. A domain is truly worth what someone is willing to pay.

The domain's preceded with data, can be utilised for either social media or dating, depending upon how data is pronounced. Da-ta for social media, day-ta for dating., has a variety of uses, from food, to clothing to dating to name but a few and the domains preceded by filth can be utilised for a more mature dating site, even, toys associated with playful activities of a mature nature.

What is a Premium or Generic Top Level Domain Name:

A Top Level Domain (TLD) or Premium Domain is a Domain that will already be registered through ICANN: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers; and will be worth considerably more than its initial registration price of ten to 15 dollars, with some Domains being sold for hundreds, thousands even millions of dollars. Although it is debatable the primary commercial Domain's that are considered Generic Top Level are com, info, net, org, biz and name.

How do you valuate a Domain Name:

Generally speaking the rule of thumb is that the shorter and easier to remember a Domain is, the higher its value, if the Domain is in the dictionary it is traditionally worth considerable more. Many people who are involved in the buying and selling of Domain's: Domaining or Domainers; will only buy 4 letter Domain's that are in the dictionary.

How accurate are Domain Name Appraisals:

One should be cautious of internet Domain Appraisal sites, many of which use a computer algorithm, that fails to notice how catchy a brand name not in the dictionary is. And those Domain Names that are in the dictionary are down valued if they have a lot of characters.

I recently valued on Free Valuator, it had an appraisal value of 3,231.52 dollars, August 2017. A mind blowing valuation when it was actually sold in 2010 for 35.6 million dollars, yes million dollars., simply because it has fewer characters, was valued on Free Valuator for 27,371.72 dollars, in August 2017. Yet in 2009 it was sold for 13 million dollars.

So has a higher apprasial value than because it has fewer characters, however was sold for 19.6 million dollars more than

I own, which is an alpha numeric Chinese Pinyin Domain meanind It is valued at 2,103.69 dollars, what the valuation software does not realise is, ba or fa is Chinese Pinyin for the number 8. And that Chinese are obsessed with the number 8. So in China this Domain is gold dust, for the gambeling industry. There are only 3 such .com's, all which are registered., and

I have had personal correspondance with the owner of and he is keeping hold of it because he realises how valuable it is. well, thats owned by a gambling syndicate, they make millions out of the site, so I don't think they will ever sell it. And of course I own I want a million for it.

The Top Ten Most Expensive Domain Names In The World:

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